Our Services

Our Services

Our services relates to usage of SMS as an medium for marketing and promotion of products and services. SMS is the personal means of communications and provides 100% strike rate. Innovative use of SMS provides instant reach to 10 Million Households or the selected lot.

International Reviews

A study by Engage UK and mobile Internet company Quios that examined consumer acceptance of wireless text advertising found a positive response rate among 79 percent of participants and an average 60 percent recall rate of the trial's three participating big brand sponsors.

The study, which originated in the UK, examined results from Quios' Euro 2000 SMS Alert service, which it offered its members in June of 2000. The service delivered more than 2.5 million message alerts, delivered to more than 30,000 cell phones in more than 100 nations. The alerts were sent to notify consumers when goals were scored by their favorite team, or to send final scores of the soccer tournament. The alerts were sponsored by Sega Dreamcast, Grolsch Beer, and Sports.com. Third-party research firm Harvey Research surveyed 500 mobile phone users who signed up for the service.

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