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Our Services

SMS Routes provides various entertainment solutions using text based wireless communication. We have launched the revolutionary concept of "Mobiletainment". Mobiletainment forms an interwoven architecture of the Satellite channels, Entertainment programs, viewers Mobile operators and the subscribers. This architecture benefits all segments equally.

In simple terms under the mobiletainment viewers at the Channel will be quizzed during the shows and the serials, to which they will be asked to respond upon SMS. The right message will be complimented with the prizes. In the process of receiving and sending the messages to the viewers, we would be able to generate useful viewer ship reports.

Various modules of Mobiletainment

Mobiletainment is aimed at making the SMS the mode of communication between program and its audience , between the channel and its viewers. Various modules of mobiletainment which can be integrated with the programs are listed below. There is no end to the list and with customisation we can server any model.

Music Quiz - This show will invite the user preference for the song to be played and accordingly the song will be played. User can also cast their votes on the particular song ratings.

Music Countdown. This show will depend on the user’s rating . Songs will be displayed in the series and then depending upon the user rating received through SMS, the songs will be played.

Message Airing With A Song : This will be the program on which user can send their message to be aired along with the song requests. The message will be aired and the song will be played the show will be live.

View Poll – A popular serial will be chosen out of the list of serials being aired by the channel and the viewers comment and opinion will be asked by formulating the queries. The module will also reflect the popularity of the serial and based on the viewers comments useful feedback can be received. Viewers also get their means of expressing themselves.

Prize Questions These are the question which will asked after the end of any serial quizzing user about the event in the relayed serial of show or the guess work on the relayed serial. For e.g. what was the colour of the shirt worn by the hero when he was singing song ……? The user with the correct answer will be given away prizes. Such type of Prize- Query relationship can be arranged for any serial and in various forms.

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