We are always looking for SMS partners and resellers all over the world. Our products and services can be used to reach mobile users to anywhere in the world. We are very much interested in working with you to provide our SMS text messaging services for your customers or to provide you our corporate SMS solutions for your business .

You can add SMS text messaging capability to your web site by including a few lines of HTML code to any page of your web site. The generated form will look and feel the same as the rest of your web site. Your web site visitors can send SMS messages to almost anyone in the world.

Mobile Marketing Partners:

These Partners communicate with large number of consumers through direct contact or through print, electronic or outdoor media. These include advertising agencies, direct marketing organizations, event marketing and PR firms. Our versatile products will enable Mass Touch Partners to carry out campaigns, contests, loyalty program management, running SMS help desk etc. on their own, at their premises. Please write at to share your requirements.

Please contact us for more information if interested to be a partnership with us.

Add : at MSN for live support and commercial.

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