Reseller System

Reseller System

We adopt very positive approach towards the client requirements. We understand that some clients would have a requirement for setting up their own SMS infrastructure.

We have set of products which shall enable the SMS Infrastructure for such clients. The SMSC manager can interact with the SMSC of the mobile operator onany protocol, SMPP , CIMD , HTTP.

We are supporting multi-level reseller platform with facility of customization of look n feel of the platform with their own logo and company information's.

We have very good interface for our clients from which they can send messages.

  • Message : Customized Messaging will allow you to send one common message to different mobile numbers with their first name & last name .

  • Unicode : You can send Unicode messages through this interface.

  • Concatenated message : Concatenated message will help you to send more than 160(text) or 70(UCS) characters message in single sms (Handset dependent).

  • Book Mark Message : Book Mark will allow you to send a one Service Messages to different mobile numbers.

  • Business Card Message : Business Card will allow you to send a Business Card sms to different mobile numbers.

  • Schedule message : Schedule message is used to send sms according to your desired time. You can schedule up to 72 hours from current time.

  • Admin : You can also manage your resellers and users by this interface : You can create, update, enable, disable your resellers/users accounts.

  • Own Information : You can also edit your contact information, banner ( Header ) and about us from our dynamic interface.
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